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ORLIMEX is Currently The largest Importer Of Birch Plywood in Europe

About us: We are importing to serve our clients across all sites in Egypt by tremendously excellent choices with a very competitive prices and unique products. Our vision and aim to become the first and only central point to provide and serve the best-quality of plywood accompanied by a professional consultation related to the Egyptian market.

Our goal: To provide more and more suitable options for all customers to allow them to compare and choose from all the offers available in their hands, in pursuit of excellent service at a competitive price, which drives us to achieve service goals that we have in mind, the first of which is the happiness of our customers and then the quarter on top.

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Supplier from 12 countries
Strategic warehouse



Types, formats, and thickness varieties

3 m of plywood annually


More than 10,000 m3 of panels are always in stock so that any customer can find the right product for himself and receive it immediately.


Our ability to solve any problems related to our production, as our constant presence in all markets allows us to provide expert advice to customers


Shipping through our own trucks and containers allows us to deliver products to our customers from shipments to full containers in a short time


Delivering new products to customers directly as soon as they are put on the market, according to the customer’s needs and the agreed terms.

Our products

High quality birch plywood
and wood-based materials

We distribute our products for wholesale and retail trade, and the establishment works to import the finest types of plywood according to specific and predetermined specifications in line with customer requirements on the one hand and the required standards on the other hand, in order to ensure obtaining high-quality products that can be used in several industries.

Ensure all required standards

High quality specifications

Ease of comparison and selection

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More chances
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Featured services

Our group


Distribution in Poland

United kingdom

Import and distribution from England


Distribution in Egypt and the Middle East

Orlimex around the world

ORLIMEX Group Headquarters, import and sales to Eastern Europe, Italy, France, Benelux, USA, Egypt and India

Import and distribution in Germany and Austria

Import and sales in Germany and Austria


ORLIMEX Group Headquarters, import and sales to Eastern Europe, Italy, France, Benelux, USA, Egypt and India

shipping companies

Importeur und Lokaldistributor in Westdeutschland

Importer and local distributor in Germany

Importer and local distributor in West Germany

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